23 November, 2008

How to make your child a passionate reader?

Books widen the doors of imagination and stimulate the mind. Desire of Knowledge is a natural feeling. Lips that speak knowledge are a rare jewel. Some read to think, some read to write but majority of them need to talk! Our mind is a wanderer as it creates thoughts, thoughts create intentions and intentions create reality! Thoughts rule the world! The mind in its own place and itself can make a heaven of hell or a hell of heaven.

One of the most neglected Educational snags in Schools is ‘Lack of Reading Habit’. Ask most of the kids and they seldom prefer Reading as a hobby. No wonder, most of the child’s school day is devoted to reading-skills instructions yet, words remain bookish and many kids can hardly read any other book other than the school Text. This is a major drawback, which is overlooked by many Educators and parents, which becomes a serious ‘stumbling block’ in the development of a child in the later stage. Here are a few ideas to motivate and encourage Reading Habits in your home whether the child is toddler or adolescent.

Bed Time Reading: Reading habits during Bedtime should be a family ritual that can begin virtually as soon as the child is able to recognize people and surroundings. Show the pictures and Words in a routine manner. This practice doesn’t have to stop when the children begin school or even may enter higher classes. Find out age appropriate books in Bookshops. You can read literature that ranges from nursery rhymes and counting books to fairy tales, fiction, mysteries or science fun. The time that you spend reading together will become a special part of the day for you and your kids.

Form a routine weekly habit of visiting a Library or a Book Shop that provide Reading facilities. Let the child browse through the shelves looking for books that interest him. Encourage your child to branch out to unfamiliar shelves to dig out to discover books that might arise his interest.

Set up Story hour’s session. Reading and narrating story will gradually make the child get interested in Books. Not only reading, the child improves on his speech skill and narration becomes easier with exchange of stories. Oral Book review session builds up speech forms and makes the child more confident too.

Make the Kids to write Book Reviews. Motivate the child to read and write down the Book reviews. Let them jot down the Name of the book, main characters, Best part of the story, New words and Moral or Opinion of the story. This will jump start them to use their own brains and write down the review in their own words as per their understanding. In process, the child would definitely read a book once he has to write down the review and also build up his vocabulary, own writing style and have a positive understanding power.

For many people, reading implies Books. But if you observe around, one finds words everywhere scattered like gems. Let the child form the habit of reading Advertisements, hoardings, signs and talk to them about what they tell people. Trucks, buses, even rickshaws or just about ‘Words’ anywhere while passing through the roads provide opportunities for reading and can help the child pass time in long drives too.

Newspapers and Magazines carry kids reading material. You and the kid can browse through the selection at a News-stand or Book store for ones your child may enjoy. Newspaper and Magazine subscriptions also make great gifts that can stimulate your child’s interest in reading throughout the year.

Encourage Pen-pals & E-pals. Let your kids write to friends in different countries by snail mail or email. Though telephone is a good communication tool, writing letters is a sure fire way to make the kids get interested in the ‘word world’

Making Reading Important is a sure fire way to make up your child’s Life. Just 15 minutes or half an hour a day or even just an Hour on Sunday, Let the whole family have a Reading session together in a Room with Books, Newspaper or Magazine. Or just stroll into a Library or a Club Library. A regular Reading session will instil the love of reading which will last for a life time forever.