12 January, 2009

Latest Programmes for Teachers, Students & Professionals

Programmes for Teachers

Teacher education has become an area of considerable interest among policy makers in many countries over recent years. This reflects a growing body of research on the central importance of teacher knowledge and skill to quality learning opportunities for students. It also reflects the need to train in-service teachers in latest methodology and technology, to make teaching-learning process ‘smart’ and enjoyable. ‘Horizons’ firmly believe that the need to recruit and prepare a new generation of teachers is very important in modernising our educational system.

Research on teacher education in the Teaching and Leadership Programme has steadily grown over the past five years to the point where Horizons is arguably the major centre for large-scale research in this area. Our dedicated team includes award winners and highly experienced educators, who are highly competent in organising Teacher Orientation and Personality Development Programmes. Following are our latest programmes for teachers, professional and Students.

1. Thinking School Programme

 Introduction to Thinking School
 Big Messages in the Thinking Classroom
 Ways of Teaching Thinking
 Magnificent Seven
 Ten Tools for Teaching for Transfer
 Thinking Block
 Integration of Technology in thinking classroom

2. Teaching for Understanding Programme

 Blooms Revised Taxonomy
 Constructivism in Teaching and Learning
 Learning Disabilities-Reading, Writing, Math and Attention
 What is Teaching for Understanding?
 Teaching for Understanding Framework
 Generative topics,
 Understanding goals,
 Performances of understanding
 Ongoing assessment
 Power Teaching

3. EQ Teacher Programme

 21st Century Teacher
 What is Emotional Intelligence?
 Importance of EQ
 How to Train Your Students in EQ?
 Self-development
 Six Thinking Hats
 Time Management
 Goal Setting
 Self-esteem
 Exam Stress Management Techniques
 Better Study Habits
 How to improve struggling students?
 Team Building Techniques

4. Making Teacher a Professional

 Expectation of Principals from Teachers
 Qualities of Teachers
 TQM – SWOT Analysis
 What Students Expect from Teachers?
 Teacher’s Profile
 Philosophy of Teaching
 Classroom Profile
 Assessment Profile
 Articles
 CV Preparation

5. Basic Technology Programme

Classroom Management Techniques
Succeeding with Struggling Students
Bloom’s Taxonomy
Technology for Teachers
 MS Word (basics)
 MS Excel (basics)
 MS PowerPoint (basics)
 Internet

6. Advanced Technology Programme

 Multiple Intelligence
 Attitudinal & Behavioural Management
 Personality Development
 Technology based classroom
 MS PowerPoint (Advanced)
 Linking PowerPoint with other sources
 Ulead Video Studio (basics of video Editing)
 Tips on Effective Presentation Skills
 Effective use of Internet & Web in Teaching

7. Smart Teacher Programme

 HOT (Higher Order Thinking) Class
 Mind Mapping
 Use of Technology in lesson planning
 Multimedia Quizzing
 Adobe Premiere Pro (Basics of Advanced Video Editing)
 Advanced use of Internet & Web for ‘Smart Class’
 Advanced use of Internet & Web for teacher improvement

Personality Development Programmes for College and School Students, Teachers and other Professionals

 Time Management & Goal Setting
 Emotional Intelligence
 SWOT Analysis for Personal Growth
 Motivation & Born To Win
 Team work
 Better Study Habits & Stress Management
 Peace and Happiness
 How to face criticism and grow strong
 Mind Mapping
 Identify your talent.
 "Take responsibility for your life!"
 “Why Affirmations are so powerful?”
 Qualities of 21st century citizen/professionals
 Healthy mind and body
 Personality Development Programme
 Career Counselling
 Marketing, Customer Care & TQM
 Effective use of Information and Communication Technology for learning and development.
 Multimedia Quiz, Mock Parliament, Debates, Seminars and Open Forums on current and relevant topics


All Programme contents are flexible and can be changed to suit the institution.
All the above topics cannot be covered with in two days.
Institutions can suggest or select few from these topics.
All programmes should be conformed before 15 days.
For Multimedia Quiz and Mock Parliament booking should be made before 30 days.

Basic Requirements:

 PC – 512RAM, MS Office 2003/07, Uninterrupted Power Supply, LCD Projector + screen, Broadband for internet & web related contents.

Terms & Conditions:
Handouts shall be emailed before three days of the programme and the same can be printed and photocopied depending on the number of participants by the host.
For all workshops there will be a Resource Person and an Activity Master.
Boarding & lodging should be arranged by the host institution.
All travelling expenses should be paid by the host.
Remuneration for the Workshop can be negotiated and settled at the time of confirmation for the programme.

Recently Conducted Workshops
Effective Teaching
One to One Marketing
Thinking School
Classroom Management Techniques
Succeeding with Struggling Students
Bloom’s revised Taxonomy
Multiple Intelligence
Attitudinal & Behavioural Management
Smart Teacher Programme–Technology Based Teaching
Mind Mapping
Use of Technology in lesson planning
Time Management & Goal Setting
Emotional Intelligence
Better Study Habits & Stress Management
Career Guidance

Please feel free to contact for any clarification or further information

C. Radhakrishnan
Email: smartteacher@rediffmail.com
Phone: 02425207150(Resi)
04985-240120 (Permanent Resi)
Fax: 02425225003

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