01 May, 2009

A Task-Centered Instructional Strategy

Based on a review of instructional design models previous papers identified first principles of instruction. These principles prescribe a cycle of instruction consisting of activation, demonstration, application, and integration. These instructional phases are best implemented in the context of real-world tasks. A Pebble-in-the-Pond approach to instructional development prescribes a task-centered, content-first instructional design procedure which implements these first principles in the resulting instructional products. This conceptual paper elaborates the component analysis and instructional strategy phases of this instructional design model. This paper also integrates previous instructional strategy prescriptions from Component Display Theory with the content components of knowledge objects. The strategy for teaching within the context of a whole task consists of applying strategy components to these various knowledge components in a way that enables learners to see their interrelationships and their relationship to the whole. The resulting instructional strategy is a guided task-centered approach as contrasted with more learner-centered problem-based approaches to instructional design. The application of this component analysis and task-centered instructional strategy is illustrated.

In coming days the trends in education shall change forcing changes in shaping the school planning and design. The 10 major trends shall be

1. The Lines of Prescribed Attendance Areas Will Blur
2. Schools Will Be Smaller and More Neighbourhood Oriented
3. There Will Be Fewer Students Per Class
4. Technology Will Dominate Instructional Delivery
5. The Typical Spaces Thought to Constitute a School May Change
6. Students and Teachers Will Be Organized Differently
7. Students Will Spend More Time in School
8. Grade Configurations Will Change
9. Instructional Materials Will Evolve
10. Schools Will Disappear Before the End of the 21st Century (Or Will They?)

Trends are defined as lines of direction or movement. Some trends may prevail; others, may not. What is important is not so much an awareness of a particular trend, but knowing what trends will likely affect a particular school.

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