03 July, 2009

Learning Cycle


Teacher: Actor, Ringmaster
Get them involved!
Students: Spectators, Judges
What's going on?

• Use EEEPs, discrepant events or focusing questions to get students' minds on topic.
• High energy, or high curiosity the key.
• Pre-assessment a powerful tool, to determine what prior knowledge is available.
• Provides handles to attach the upcoming material to.


Teacher: Facilitator, Coach
What have you tried?
Students: Investigators, Builders
What if we did this?

• Cooperative groups, structures.
• Positive interdependence, Individual accountability.
• Hands-on/Minds-on activities!
• Laboratory experiments
• Inductive exercises-truth is yet to be found!
• Just about anything that creates interaction between students and the subject material.


Teacher: Expert, Tour Guide
Here's what others found.
Students: Curious adventurers
Tell me an answer, please!


• Direct Instruction, Sharing in groups.
• Students either explain their own findings within the groups, or from one group to another.
• Teacher takes them a step beyond, possibly highlighting specific answers, or adding to them.

4.Take Action
Teacher: Consultant, Evaluator.
That was a great job!
Students: Independent Agents, Performers, Artisans
What can I do about it?


• Student presentations- individual or group.
• Writing assignments- journals or papers.
• Construction- build apparatus to accomplish specific purpose.
• Portfolios- short or long term.
• Can be done either in class, or at home.
• Key: personal action/ responsibility of students.

Learning Principles - Tradition V/S Constructivist