06 August, 2009

Parent-Teacher Conference Questionnaire

What can Educators seek from Parents?

1. What strengths do you see in your child?
2. What does your child say about school?
3. What kinds of activities, at school or elsewhere, seem to frustrate your child most?
4. What kinds of activities excite your child? What does he/she play?
5. Tell me about your child’s peers and social relations? Who does he or she socialise with outside school?
6. What kind of responsibilities does your child have at home?
7. What goals do you have for your child?
8. What goals does your child have?
9. What is your child’s favourite subject or activity?
10. What do you like me to know about your child?

What can Parents seek from Educators?

1. Hoe does my child interact with you and other adults?
2. How does my child interact with classmates?
3. What activities engage or frustrate my child in class?
4. What does my child do with unstructured time?
5. What activities hold my child’s interest the longest?
6. How does my child work in teams?
7. Who do you team my child with and why?
8. Based on your experience with my child, what kind of classroom structure or instructional style would you recommend next year?
9. What are my child’s strengths?
10. What areas need improvement?