08 October, 2009

Educators Get Linked to the World

By C. Radhakrishnan

This is a wonderful time to be alive. The technological explosion of the nineties, sweltering over into the 21st century, has changed almost every aspect of our lives. On balance, this change has improved our standards of living, extended our expected lifespan, and made our lives easier. But it can still be a little irresistible at times. Dear fellow Educators; do you know the pace of change that’s happening around?

The New Era

We have moved at breakneck pace from the Industrial Age, where you probably started your life, into the Service Age, and through it into the Information Age and the Communication Age. Today, we are surrounded by the world of technology, computers, the Internet and wireless communications. Every advance in technology leads to even greater faster advances in communication until it is almost impossible to keep up. Even this change is felt in our classroom. Can you imagine classrooms with smart boards, smart tables and internet facilities in classrooms before ten years? Now just have a look at our classrooms, all amenities are at the tip of your finger. Do you use or do you well acquainted with globally connected classrooms? If not, it’s not too late to introspect and adapt to smart classrooms and smart teaching.

Computer Skills are Learnable
If you are not yet computer literate and Internet fluent, make a decision, this very minute that you are going to develop these skills. Look upon modern technology as simply different ways to communicate with other people. Your job is to figure out how to use modern technology to improve the quality of your teaching-learning process and prepare students to enjoy life in a hyper technology age.

Just Do It!
Today, you can get set up with a computer, open an Internet account, and be communicating with your family and friends in a couple of hours. You can create your own email address and then send messages all over the country, and all over the world. You can get in touch with almost anyone in a few seconds, at the touch of a button.

Techno-teaching - Give a try!
21st century kids are much fond of technology and internet. So teaching must also change from traditional chalk and talk method to techno-internet based teaching. Children we teach are already connected to the world on internet, then why we educator hesitant to do the same. Do you expect bright teaching career, then chase technology, otherwise be prepared to doom in the techno-typhoon.

Easy Life and Shopping!

Once you are familiar with internet your life would be more comfortable and easier. One of the most exciting uses of the Internet is for shopping. You can check out the price of any product or service for sale anywhere. You can buy at the best price available and have it shipped directly to your home in a couple of days from anywhere. Today, teaching is predominantly women dominated and Women especially use the Internet for shopping more and more because it is so easy and convenient.

Get Started Today!

Today, virtually everyone is on the Internet and has an email address. When you make a decision to get connected to the world, you will be amazed at how easy it is to learn, and how much enjoyment and pleasure you will get from it. Just give it a try.

Action Resolution for this Diwali Break!
If you do not already have an email account, then set one up and find a friend or family member that you can begin email correspondence with. Suppose you have no one to interact on internet, don’t worry, I am there ready to interact with you all the time. Now don’t wait; get an email address right now. Set a resolution for this Diwali vacation – “I would be a computer literate and globally linked person.”

For your success!