04 October, 2011

Change your life!

Human beings are very often products of our environments. Whatever habits we are surrounded with are what we usually pick up as a kid. Our parents set the standard for us as kids at an early age when it comes to our nutritional habits. If people had more knowledge about nutrition and how to lead a healthy life style we wouldn’t have the problem we have today with obesity starting already at the age of 5 in our society. Knowledge is power and to have the power to make the right choices based upon your knowledge is what makes he difference in people’s life.

To make healthy conscious choices makes you feel very powerful and strong. You are in charge of your own healthy and your own lifestyle. Nobody likes to be the victim of his or her own environment.

Educate Your Family

Educate yourself and your family. Learn how to cook healthy meals for your children and your family. The more knowledge you have as an adult, he more you can pass on to your children and give them a healthy start in life.

Build a Support Group

If you are starting a strict diet, try to get the support from your family and friends. The more informed people around you are the more you can count on them to support you in your pursue of a healthy lifestyle.

Avoid Temptation

Clean out the cupboards in your kitchen and throughout everything that you shouldn’t eat. Create a new healthy kitchen for you and your family. Do not buy anything in the grocery store that is not on your diet. If you bring it home, you will end up eating it at a weak moment. The rule is very simple: If you shouldn’t eat it, don’t buy it!

Top Up On Tap

Bring a bottle of water with you everywhere you go whether it’s shopping, driving in your car, going to a meeting or just to work. Don’t let that water bottle leave your side all day. Keep drinking your water throughout the day.

Beat the Pavement

Take a walk around the block at night before you go to bed to clear your mind and to get some fresh air before you go to sleep. If you work in the city, take a 20 minutes’ walk at your lunch. It will relieve some stress and get your metabolism going. If you have the possibility to take a power nap nothing will recharge your batteries better then a 20-30 minutes catnap.

New Role Models

If you are trying to change old habits and create new healthy ones it can sometimes be hard to do it all alone. Try to find other people that are going through the same experience and share your thoughts with them.

New Activities

Pick up a new activity involving the whole family such as hiking, group exercise and outdoor activities in the park on the weekends. There is a lot offered if you just look around you a little.

Change Your Mind

Put little notes of motivational thoughts and other supporting words in your home in places where you will walk by them constantly. Changing your lifestyle takes discipline, energy, determination, motivation and will power but it can be done and the sooner you start to take that first step towards a healthier you the sooner you get to reap the rewards.

Get Personal

Join the nearest gym and book yourself a couple of sessions with a personal trainer. You will not only push yourself to go if you have an appointment with somebody but you will also learn so much more from a fitness professional then just how to use the exercise equipment.

A personal trainer can answer a lot of your health related questions and help you put a weekly lifestyle schedule together that would work for you. Starting out with a personal trainer also help you get to know more people at the fitness center that are trying to do the same thing as you are.

Prepare for New Environment

If you have never been to a health club it can be intimidating the first time. Go online and find out as much information you can before you go there or call them up and ask all the questions on forehand. That way you will be a little bit prepared once you step foot inside the fitness center.

For your Success and Glory!

Read, Learn and Flourish!