30 April, 2012

Qualities of a Spiritually Intelligent Person

Extract from  "SQ - Spiritual Intelligence," Zohar and Marshall

The levels of spiritual intelligence reflect the transcendence of self awareness and the potential integration between one's rational and emotional aptitudes. In their book "SQ - Spiritual Intelligence," Zohar and Marshall attached the following qualities to an individual who is spiritually intelligent. The individual...

  • addresses and solves problems of meaning and value
  • has the ability to assess their course of action or their life-path
  • realizes that he is a spiritual 'creature' and asks questions like: "Why was I born? What is the meaning of life? Why should I go on when I'm tired, depressed or feel beaten?"
  • has virtue, the ability to ask questions about good and evil
  • has the ability to "dream, to aspire, to raise ourselves out of the mud"
  • realizes the human potential to facilitate between reason and emotion, mind and body
  • recognizes the ability to heal oneself and to make oneself whole
  • recognizes existing values with the ability to creatively discover new values, with the realization that one is not culture dependent
  • is creative and uses this quality to be flexible and spontaneous.
  • is willing to try and resolve life's problems and to deal with them
  • will be able to transcend to intrapersonal and inter-personal relationships
  • has transpersonal visions of goodness, beauty, perfection, generosity, sacrifice, etc.
  • is a servant leader and an person who inspires others
  • is able to identify the spiritually dumb culture of society with its pressures, urges, needs, and satiations
  • can see the reality behind surface desires
  • can reflect deeply on what he thinks with a deeper and wider framework of his deepest motivations and life's purposes
  • seeks self-awareness
  • can stand against the crowd, or is able to hold an unpopular opinion about something they deeply believe in
  • knows who he is and what he believes in
  • lives by the golden rule
  • possesses intense personal integrity
  • has the ability to see life and others as fresh as through the eyes of an child
  • has the capacity to be flexible (actively and spontaneously adaptive)
  • has the capacity to face and transcend pain
  • has the quality of being inspired by vision and values
  • is reluctant to cause unnecessary harm
  • has a tendency to see the connections between diverse things (being 'holistic')
  • has a marked tendency to ask "Why?"

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