02 November, 2009

Questionnaire for teachers to Collect feedback from learners

By C. Radhakrishnan

1. Teacher comes well prepared for teaching.
2. Students’ interests are encouraged.
3. Teacher is enthusiastic and good at his/her subject.
4. Teacher is ready for innovation to make teaching interesting.
5. Teacher emphasises important parts of the topic.
6. Teacher respects students’ individual differences.
7. The assessment of students is fair and reliable.
8. Teacher shows readiness to help.
9. Teacher uses technology and other teaching aids whenever necessary.
10. Teacher is friendly and approachable.
11. Teacher gives proper guidance and makes us ready to face the board exam.
12. Teacher covers the syllabus on time.
13. Teacher gives regular assignments.
14. Teacher imparts values and life skills while teaching lessons.
15. Over all you enjoy his/her teaching.

Directions: Prepare a table comprising Sl. No, Questions, ‘SA’ – Strongly Agree; ‘A’ – Agree; ‘DA’ – Disagree;‘SDA’ – Strongly Disagree. Distribute this table format questionnaire among your students and request them to asses you by ticking on the appropriate column honestly. Tell them beforehand that this is just for self evaluation and improvement. To get right feedback tell students not to right their names.Pool the data and convert it to graph by using excel worksheet. Go for a professional SWOT (strength-Weakness-Opportunities-threats) analysis based on the response of your students.