24 June, 2011

Book Review The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

“The Secret” was released first as a DVD in 2006. Now it’s available in a book and has been causing quite a stir among the book worms all over!

First off, I must say it’s a very attractive book. The pages are glossy, and have the look of parchment. The cover is embossed with the Secret logo, and looks like an ancient manuscript. It has 10 chapters, the biographies of the contributors and is 198 pages.

The chapters are as follows:

The Secret Revealed

The Secret Made Simple

How to Use The Secret

Powerful Processes

The Secret to Money

The Secret to Relationships

The Secret to Health

The Secret to the World

The Secret to You

At the end of each chapter there is a list of “Secret Summaries” which sum up the information in that particular chapter.

Overall, “The Secret” is about the law of attraction, or “as a man thinketh, so shall he reap…” The Secret speaks of taking responsibility for ourselves and learning to go inside ourselves for happiness rather than counting on someone else or some new situation to make us happy.

Have you ever made any of the following statements to yourself?

”If only I had more money, then I could do what I wanted to do and be happy.”

”If only I could only loose this excess weight, then I’d be happy.”

”If only I had a romantic partner, then my life would be perfect.”

If you have ever said any of these statements to yourself (and we all have!) then you are looking toward something outside yourself to make you happy. Honestly, it’s all already inside of us! We don’t need anything to make us happy; we can do that on our own.

If you think this sound too good to be true, well, you’re right. It is. But it doesn’t change the fact that it works!

Honestly, “The Secret” isn’t the first book to come up with the theory of the law of attraction, and any internet search will come up with thousands of articles and books on the subject. But it’s the first I’ve seen to put the law of attraction so simply. And it’s the first I’ve ever seen that has had so many quotes from so many sources (including the Bible) and so many contributors, including scientists, doctors, life and business coaches, authors, ministers, and metaphysicians from both the past and the present.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is finally ready to make lasting changes in their life. I will be the first to admit that sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in our dramas. But our dramas only bring us more of the same. The Secret helps us to create a new way of thinking so that instead of attracting those same old dramas, we attract happiness and the life we’ve always dreamed of.

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