23 June, 2011

Top 10 Ways to Empower Your Staff!

  1. Set the example; in every area. Your team will follow if you lead.
  2. Delegate and empower others. Everyone learns best by doing.
  3. Create enough space for individuals to make mistakes and grow. Step in only when safety is a concern or a potential gross misuse of resources.
  4. Teach others to accept responsibility, but develop trust by maintaining overall responsibility.
  5. Focus on developing your team; individually and collectively.
  6. Use daily situations to coach and develop others. Convert mistakes into lessons learned and coaching opportunities.
  7. Communicate, communicate, communicate; and do so clearly.
  8. Continually move towards creating a positive work environment.
  9. Apply the golden (platinum) rule; treat others as you (they) want to be treated, and the rest will come easily.
  10. Treat others with respect and dignity first; it will be returned beyond measure.

Give serious thought and effort toward empowering your team. You'll have more time and accomplish more by doing less.

The rewards are beyond expectations!

Read, Learn & Flourish!

For your success and glory!