01 September, 2008

Parent Values

By C. Radhakrishnan

The 17 parent values are as follows, collected into three categories:

I feel respected by the school's staff
I feel welcome when I contact or visit the school
The school encourages and values parental involvement
The school encourages me to contact the school whenever I need to
The school welcomes honest and open dialogue
The school, staff and I work together to educate my child

Teachers provide effective, fair discipline
Teachers provide good role models and the school is strongly values-based
The school has a suitably enforced and appropriate uniform policy
The school is a happy and friendly place
The school is a safe place for students, staff and parents
The school is properly resourced in both people and facilities

Teachers are highly professional and capable
Teachers are inspiring and enthusiastic
Teachers encourage individual, all round development of students
Teachers have a genuine love for educating children
Teachers listen and communicate effectively with students and parents