05 September, 2008

Value Education

By C. Radhakrishnan

One more Teachers Day became a memory. Warm wishes and wonderful gifts heaped in front of us. Naturally, our minds were filled with joy and happiness. In the evening, I sat and reflected on what we are doing and what the world expects from us as 21st century teachers? Then I found that one of the greatest things the whole world wish from teachers would be inculcation of human Values through teaching. For materialising this expectation, we teachers should have a clear idea about the concept of Value Education. In this context, I wish to share some of my thoughts on this topic.

What is Value Education?
Education is a methodical effort towards learning basic facts about humanity. And the core idea behind value education is to cultivate essential values in the students so that the civilization that teaches us to manage complexities can be sustained and further developed. It begins at home and it is continued in schools. Everyone accepts certain things in his/her life through various mediums like society or government.

Why is it important?

Value education is important to help everyone in improving the value system that he/she holds and put them to use. Once, everyone has understood their values in life they can examine and control the various choices they make in their life. One has to frequently uphold the various types of values in his life such as cultural values, universal values, personal values and social values.

Thus, value education is always essential to shape one's life and to give him an opportunity of performing himself on the global stage. The need for value education among the parents, children, teachers etc, is constantly increasing as we continue to witness increasing violent activities, behavioral disorder, lack of unity in the society etc.

Why schools should take up this responsibility?

The family system in India has a long tradition of imparting value education. But with the progress of modernity and fast changing role of the parents it has not been very easy for the parents to impart relevant values in their wards. Therefore it is the responsibility of schools to impart value education programs that are addressed to rising problems of the modern society. These programs must concentrate on the development of the children, young adults etc. focusing on areas like happiness, humility, cooperation, honesty, simplicity, love, unity, peace etc.