01 September, 2008

Teacher Values

By C. Radhakrishnan

The 24 teacher values are as follows, collected into three categories:

Professional Environment
I am challenged and encouraged to make a difference
I am encouraged and well-supported in my professional development
I am part of a diverse and collegial culture
I do stimulating, challenging and satisfying work
I receive timely recognition and feedback on my performance
Senior staffs are grounded in the day-to-day reality of teaching and learning
Senior staffs are highly competent teaching professionals

Leadership & Purpose
Senior staffs are fair in all their dealings
Senior staffs are inspiring and model the values and behaviours that create a learning culture
Senior staffs are open, approachable and effective communicators
Senior staffs are proactive and forward-looking
Senior staffs are trusting, supportive and non-judgemental
Senior staffs listen closely and with empathy to students, parents and teachers
Senior staffs make decisions based on students' best interests
The school provides a clear set of values and standards to guide behaviour
The school recognises and reinforces the importance of relationships based on mutual respect
The school's focus is on the growth and development of the whole, unique child

Systems & Resources
I am strongly supported in my work by the school's parents
I feel physically safe and secure at the school
I have the time to do my job properly
Senior staffs are active in the school community
The school has effective behaviour management systems
The school has good teaching and support facilities
The school has suitable computing facilities and good technology