30 March, 2018

How can we make better use of summer vacation for our kids

Dear folks.... pls read... its for your kids...involve and teach the kids few life skills to manage themselves...

Summer vacations are around the corner.
Parents are busy searching for suitable camps for children .
Almost 2 months break...
Art, theatre, Football, basketball, robotics, dance, nature walk, cooking, painting...So many options...

Interested parents should also include the following in the list:

1. My child this time will learn to wash his plate.
 A 12 yr girl last time shocked me when I asked her to put the plate in the sink by saying ' oh sorry aunty. I did not know this is my duty. At my house, either maid or ma takes it..'

2. My child, every morning will learn to fold his bedsheets and and arrange the pillow and bed.

3. During this 2 months period, my child will learn to eat what I cook instead of what he likes to eat.

4. My child, will gather his friends, and go for evening walks, introduce themselves to neighbors and people playing in the garden.

5. My child, along with his friends will make lemonade after their outdoor play.

6. He has few cousins at my hometown. When he is going to visit them, he is taking only one set of toys, not 3 sets. This time he learns how to share.

7. Instead of going to big cinema halls, he will gather some friends, make a screen in the terrace , hire a projector and watch, it will be an Awesome experience.

8. My child is going to stay with grand parents, uncles and aunts without parents for sometime.

Children are ready to explore. Only the parent's apprehensions blocks them. Without showing them options parents decide children can't or dont stay without them.

9. Children can Make a dollhouse out of cardboard .

10. Children can Make kitchen utensils out of real clay.
You will never believe the creativity of our children when you leave them on their own.

11. If they fall sick, let them be healed without any medicine. Can't we wait parents? It's only vacation. Atleast now we can let their immunity work.

12. Let them wake up without alarm, let them go bed after a tiring play.

There is life beyond maths, language , science, art, craft, robotics, handwriting, Olympiads etc..

Waking them up again in the morning, getting them dressed for some classes, making them sit and do activities again, please remember NOT ALL CLASSROOMS HAVE 4 WALLS.

Summer vacation is not only for children, it's for parents who can take time to recharge themselves for the next academic year, take care of their health and mind.

Happy holidays everyone