25 March, 2018

Rote Learning and Fading Aspirations of Learners..

Our 'rote learning system' which forces learners to move from one exam to the next... we classify them based on scores... all these crimes are compounded with parental ambitions... Final output.... we kill their passion, curiosity and natural instincts... they become an outdated hardware produced by a system which we claim to be the best.... after 10 to 12 yrs of schooling we search for coaching centres, spoken English classes, softskill centres to train them.... and the latest of all assessments to find aptitudes and career counselors.... The irony is we still discuss and fight on irrelevant issues like which syllabus or curriculum or textbook or school our children should follow... the core issue of approach to facilitation of learning to improve our school system never comes to the forefront of deliberation neither among policy makers nor among community of educators... we fail to understand the fact that lifeskills can be imparted to learners not through academic assessments, but through sports, music, dance, club activities, finearts, theatrics, opportunities for experiential learning, etc... etc...Even today we focus more than 80% of our school time for classroom teaching and this contributes to their success in life less than 20%... A real parodox.... We never wish to discuss these brute facts...

By Radhakrishnan C