23 March, 2018

What is CBSE? Why am I Proud to partner with CBSE?

Look at the facts provided below... I Don't think anyone who knows about CBSE may differ from me....

Kindly visit the following links to know about CBSE affiliated schools in Kerala with Govt. of Kerala's No Objection Certificate:


These schools follow NCERT (National Council for Education Research & Training) syllabus and teaching methodology. To know about Syllabus, National Curriculum Frame Work and Subject & Language wise Position Papers on methodology, approach and objective visit:

1. For text books:

2. NCF & Position Papers:

3. Syllabus - Grade I to XII:

4. CBSE website link: www.cbse.nic.in

5. CBSE Academic Unit Website:
CBSE has a special and unique site for catering to the needs of schools affiliated to it in India and around 65 countries abroad:

6. Link to know how Teacher Training, Innovation & Research are conducted for CBSE Schools:

7. CBSE Curriculum for 2018-19:

8. Vocational Education under CBSE:

9. Heritage Education under CBSE:

10. National level entrance exam - NEET:

Browse the links above and understand how well CBSE is organised.

Its hard to find in the world an education board which is so updated, innovative, research based and value all internationally accepted principles of Quality Management Principles... It's demographic reach all over India and abroad is envious to everyone around the globe....

Be proud to partner with such a national education board as a student, teacher, parent, admin staff, trainer, alumni, consultant, management or as a well-wisher!

By Radhakrishnan C
Serving in the education sector for last 25 yrs....Exposed to K-12 State, CBSE, ICSE, IB & IGCSE and Higher Education Sectors.