03 August, 2008



* To help every young minds discover their persona and lead them to greater success in life.


* To create a teaching community with Passion for knowledge, teaching and students.

* To build individual and team talents and skills; to empower people with ambition and visionary outlook, equip them with leadership qualities and life skill knowledge so that they form an asset to the society, country and the world.


* Achieve our vision and mission through comprehensive and modern training programmes.

* To provide world class orientation and skill development programmes for teachers, all over the country, to help them meet educational challenges and make teaching-learning process very enjoyable for every one.

* To train and make educators, teachers, professionals and students technosavy, to reap the benefits of modern technology, for the maximum benefit of the society and the country at large.

* To train and help educational institutions to implement Total Quality Management.

* Orientation workshops for parents to train them to guide children in learning and reducing stress.

* Enhance quality of educational institutions through ‘One Minute Management System’ innovated by Mr. Kenneth Blanchard PH. D, author of ‘The One Minute Manager’.

* To enhance personal awareness and effectiveness.

* To provide individual orientation training for executives, professionals and students.

* To gain insight into the behaviour and personality of your own self.

* To impart behavioural science trainings for students of Schools, Colleges, Universities and other educational institutions.

* Career guidance, career planning, career development or career review.

* To impart performance based trainings to the executives of corporate sector as well as Govt. Sector.

* To Organize Management Development Programmes for Entrepreneurs, Managers, Executives and Professionals.

In the near future we are planning to offer consultancy and trainings in the following areas:

Ø Organizational Behaviour, Performance Appraisal, Total Quality Management (TQM), Recruitment and Selection, Man – Power Assessment and Planning etc.

Ø Establishment of world class ‘Thinking Schools’ and educational institutions.

Areas of Specialisation

* Classroom Management

* Learning Disabilities - Reading, Writing, Math and Attention

* Coping with Struggling Students

* Creative and Critical Thinking Skills

* Blooms Revised Taxonomy

* Multiple Intelligence

* Attitudinal & Behavioural Management

* Thinking School – Theory and Practice

* Teaching for Understanding

* Constructivism in Teaching and Learning

* One Minute Management System – Theory & Practice.

* Total Quality Management(TQM) in Educational Institutions

* Mind Mapping

* Continuous Assessment & Evaluation

* Use of Technology in Lesson Planning

* Multimedia Quizzing

* Technology Based Classroom – MS Office Tools, Photoshop, Flash, Ulead Video Studio, Adobe Premiere Pro, Web & Internet and Use of LCD & Kyan.

* School & Library Management Software

* Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

* Creating Resource Material

* Time Management

* Emotional Intelligence

* Goal Setting

* Team Management Techniques

* Better Study Habits

* Stress Management

* "Take responsibility for your life!”

* Healthy mind and body

* Career Guidance

* Confidence Building Techniques

* Effective use of Information and Communication Technology for learning and development.

* Multimedia Quiz, Mock Parliament, Debates, Seminars and Open Forums on current and relevant topics

National and International Level Workshops Attended

* Application of Flash MX in classroom

* Multiple Intelligence and HOT Classroom

* Mind Mapping – Tony Bussan’s Techniques

* Time Management

* Thinking School(Online, Harvard University)

* Teaching for Understanding(Online, Harvard University)

* Behavioural Management(Online, Harvard University)

* Personality Development- Stephen R. Covey

* Effectiveness in Class Room Teaching

* Teaching & Learning Management- ITL, University of Sydney

* National and International Level Workshops Attended

* Total Quality Management(L&T)

* Goal Setting Skills(Online, ‘Covey – the Community’)

* Career for Growth

* Intel Teach to the Future

* Technology Based Lesson Plan

* Techniques Of Designing And Implementing Technology Aided Lesson Plans And How To Design An Award Winning Project

* Problems of Adolescents

* Learning Disability in Children

* Paradigms in Education

Recently Conducted Workshops

* Thinking School

* Classroom Management Techniques

* Succeeding with Struggling Students

* Bloom’s revised Taxonomy

* Multiple Intelligence

* Smart Teacher Programme–Technology Based Teaching

* Mind Mapping & Six Thinking Hats

* Use of Technology in lesson planning

* Time Management & Goal Setting

* Emotional Intelligence

* Better Study Habits & Stress Management

* Career Guidance

For further information contact:

C. Radhakrishnan

Email: smartteacher@rediffmail.com

Phone: 04865-242464 (Resi)

04985-240120 (Permanent Resi)

9446864579 (Mobile)

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