07 August, 2008

What Qualities Do Principals Look for in a New Teacher?

Article by Gary Hopkins
Education World® Editor-in-Chief
Copyright © 2007 Education World

What will school principals be looking for in the new teachers they hire in the weeks ahead? That's what Education World asked a group of school principals. The principals' responses might help others -- principals and candidates for teaching jobs -- as they focus their thoughts on the interviews ahead.

Passion. Enthusiasm. Sensitivity. Heart. Humor.

Those are some of the qualities that principals say they're looking for when interviewing candidates for open teaching positions.

In the weeks ahead, principals will be interviewing hordes of candidates as they seek to fill staff openings. That's why, a few weeks ago, Education World posed this question to a group of principals:

What are you looking for when you interview a candidate for a teaching position? What is the one essential characteristic you desire most?

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