12 August, 2008

Friends Up the Hill

By C. Radhakrishnan

Going uphill is always harder than going downhill. It takes more momentum and more energy. This is true of everything we do.

Regardless of the needed effort, the sheer joy of getting to the top of the hill makes it worth all of the effort you have put into doing the exercises. (or for that matter, anything you have set out to do and have accomplished in your life)

Celebrate milestones along the way so the journey is a pleasure for you. Appreciate yourself for staying with assignments and get excited about getting or beginning to get results.

Write a letter of appreciation to yourself for every area of your life and notice if anything comes up like that small tiny voice that reminds us yes, but, you got this result in area 1 and you wanted that result. We are in charge of all input, so just say "thanks for sharing" and move back to appreciating yourself.

Some areas will be further along than others. Just notice and let the information go. You can work on those areas as needed.

Gathering this information will help you in every area of your writing.